Part two: Megan Howard’s travel tips

Top three travel tips

  1. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. If you stumble across something or someplace and you feel unsafe, trust yourself. There is a fine balance between going outside of your comfort zone and ignoring danger. If you meet someone whose attention makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s ok to excuse yourself from the situation.

  1. You might find that some men you meet on your travels will feel “protective” of you when they discover you’re traveling alone. Generally I really do feel that their heart is in the right place, but don’t feel pressured to justify your choices to them or accept their help unless you really want it.
  1. There are plenty of options for affordable accommodations, so if bunking up in a co-ed dorm doesn’t sound appealing to you I would suggest exploring options like house-sitting or home stays. I’ve done one home stay in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala and can’t recommend it enough for a truly immersive cultural experience. A lot of language schools can arrange these but I also know people who have arranged them informally – just remember to at least offer to reimburse your host in some way for their hospitality.

  Recommended resources

 Travel blogs

Forums Thorntree

Reviews/accommodations TripAdvisor

P.S. Megan says always bring a notebook (for journaling, budgeting, doodling etc,). She also recommends packing light (imagine flying by other passengers bogged down with giant suitcases!).


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