Kassy Bailey: I started my own business (Old Fashioned Standards)


Going to fashion school was a joke to most people, and not typically considered a successful career choice,” Kassy said.

“Once I weighted the pros and cons of what I thought I should do, compared to what I knew I wanted to do – fashion school won.”

Kassy moved from Cochrane, AB, to Vancuver, BC to hone her sewing skills at Vancouver Community College. Throughout the process, Kassy said that the ongoing support of her family and her high school sewing teacher, Mrs. Johnson, meant a lot.

Today you can find Kassy busy working away in her new studio, but it took her a lot of time and work to get there.

Looking back

“Growing up I kind of always thought that if I was going to pursue fashion and sewing I would start my own business,” Kassy said.

During her journey through fashion school, Kassy met many contacts and even worked a variety of industry jobs and internships that exposed her to the many facets of sewing and running a company. She decided that owning a company was something she would attempt later in life.

“But as we all know, nothing really happens in life when you expect it to,” she said.

One day, Kassy joined a friend on a trip to a hat factory where she met the owner who was trying to get rid of a large stock of oilcloth.

“I told him how obsessed I was with oilcloth and how hard it had been to get. I asked him if he would hold it from me for one week while I figured out how to get the money together,” Kassy said.

“I figured if I quit all my other jobs and poured every ounce into this venture it would be the best chance I had at making it work,” Kassy said.

It hasn’t been an easy road as Kassy still faces challenges with reordering oilcloth (due to high freight charges) and other common issues business owners face.

But her venture has seen a wonderful amount of success! You can find her items being worn or used by people in many different cities in Canada and even some in the USA.

She hand crafts and sells anything from rucksacks to witches hats. Find her site here.

Want to see Kassy do her thing? Check out a video here!

More about Kassy and her work

Did you know?

Mrs. Johnson flew out to Vancouver to watch Kassy’s graduation fashion show!

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

“I would most likely go skateboarding with pals, ride bicycles all over town, have a dinner party, go swimming, go boxing, take a nice motorbike ride somewhere fun or just have a nap!”

Ask Kassy about oilcloth and her face lights up! Here is why she decided to use it:

“The first time I laid my hands on oilcloth I was hooked and intrigued. I wanted everything to be oilcloth. The way is feels, smell and looks is so unique. I loved everything about it. When I came across the large stock I knew I’d be a fool and regret it from the rest of my life if I didn’t find a way to buy it all.”

Kassy’s advice for other women looking to start a business:

 “Just follow your intuition and let anyone sway you away. You’re the only ont who truly knows what you know – the only one who knows what kind of determination, focus and passion you have. So push the limits and see what you can achieve.”



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